My source materials are U.S. Air Force documents that contain pictures from individuals claiming to have captured photographs of UFOs between 1947 and 1969. The files are declassified, but the photographs remain undisclosed due to the photocopying and transfer to microfilm that they have repeatedly experienced over time. Rather than functioning as a tool for confirming that an event took place, the photographs destabilize history through their illegibility.

This unconscious redaction places the photographs in a larger context of modernist abstraction prevalent at the time they were originally created. Reproduced at large scale, these pictures look as if they could be Xeroxes of long lost Abstract Expressionist paintings giving form to the unknown. Much like the way conspiracy theorists attempt to fill in the gaps of redacted documents with various narratives, the viewer may attempt to make sense of these images in a number of ways. What can be said for certain about these photographs is that they are pictures of history’s interstices.